Our story - reasons to be cheerful

Seasons and Blossoms is an independent organic greengrocer and whole foods shop, started by Rabiye Cinar in 2012. She and her staff are passionate about providing you with healthy tasty food and ingredients. 

Constantly evolving, the shop has the most extensive range of wholesome seasonal, everyday and specialist products in the area. This includes fresh fruit and veg, much of it from local farms, dairy products, gluten-free, tinned and dried goods, baby food, cleaning products and even pet food.

Rabiye designed and helped build the shop interior. It is always full to bursting with beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables (some that you may not have seen or heard of!), that glow when the sun hits it. 
It is a veritable emporium and you can also stop in for a coffee and delicious snacks. 

Bespoke service

“Customer service is the most important thing to us. Our ethos is to provide a welcoming and cared-for environment for visitors. There is a good atmosphere and people feel this and like coming here.”

If there is a particular product you are after, and it is not stocked, Rabiye can order it for you.

Care about Food Miles? Rabiye does. 

Fresh produce, much of it organic, comes from a biodynamic farm in Kent. She works with a variety of established suppliers who share her values of sustainability and high nutritional and ethical values, bringing the goodness to you!

Waste not want not!

Rabiye is serious about supporting the local community and regularly gives a portion of her produce to a local charity that cooks meals for homeless people.

The team

“We're passionate about nutritional health, our planet and our local community"  The Seasons and Blossoms Team. 

Rabiye Cinar – owner and founder

Rabiye grew up on a farm in Kayseri, Turkey, and has years of practical experience working in the food industry. Knowing the value of working with fresh, tasty ingredients, she wanted to make high quality produce available to more people.

Having opened the original shop in Kent, she soon realised that there was more demand for produce from “the garden of England” in London, where it was less readily available.

Being familiar with the area around Finsbury Park, Rabiye decided to relocate. Now the good folk of Highbury and those who shop on the ever evolving Blackstock road benefit from her expertise and dedication at sourcing high quality local produce – much of it from Kent. 

The team

Gayal, Rosie and Berrin help Rabiye run the shop. 

Having grown up on a farm in Turkey, Gayal has an affinity to Rabiye’s vision. “I love organic things and farm produce. I love this shop and the job. The products are really good quality for the price, and the customers I serve are all excited by them.”

“I love caring for the shop - cleaning, carrying, unloading, checking, pricing etc. Time passes quickly here as there is always something to do. If a product is not up to scratch, Rabiye will not take it.”

“The shop is in a beautiful area, with great customers. Everyone is smiling here.”

Come into Seasons and Blossoms to meet them and for a cup of coffee and a chat!